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Coque Rainbow Feather Mohawk


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Coque Rainbow Feather Mohawk Headdress is handmade with 6" to 8" inch dyed rooster Coque feathers and a second layer of 3" to 5" vibrant dyed rooster schlappen feathers. It is trimmed with a medium weight rainbow marabou boa. The Buckram wired base is lined with black felt with three 1" elastic loops placed at each end, and one placed at the crown. This lightweight feather mohawk comes in a 3/4" black elastic strap passing through the front and back loops for a comfortable fit. The elastic straps can be cut off to insert a headband, clips or pins for a more seamless rainbow mohawk profile. (Clear Headband Included).

  • Suggested Uses: Costume headdress can be used for carnivals, parades, Halloween costumes, pride parades & celebrations, steampunk wear, rock n roll, rave parties, clubs, punk rock styles, stage & dance performance and more.
  • Measures: H 20" x L 12" x W 2"

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