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Find the Perfect Fragrance To Make Your House Smell Like Home

by Wayne Morse

Scent is one of the strongest senses tied to memories, which is why perfect fragrance is such an important part of creating your ideal living space... read more

Beard Balm Helps Moisturize and Protect Your Beard

by Coastal Gifts Inc

While you may find it easy to grow, trim and edge up your bead, you may fumble a bit when it comes to truly nourishing your facial flair so that it always looks magnificent and lush. Thankfully, Duke Cannon Beard Balm is here to help you and your beard.The World Is Not Kind to BeardsFrom general stress and poor [...] read more

Helpful Tips to Care for Your Feet During Winter

by Coastal Gifts Inc

When cold weather moves in, you may take extra steps to protect your skin, lips, and hair from the damaging effects of winter weather. However, if you are like most people, you may not consider what you need to do to keep your feel problem-free. For high-risk groups of people, such as those with poor circulation or with diabetes, it’s [...] read more

Awesome Unique Gifts of Pride for Any Occasion

by Coastal Gifts Inc

Pride month may only last a few weeks, but our love for diversity and acceptance of our LGBTQ community can be celebrated all year long. In this sparkling world of rainbows and glitter, one may find that not all “Pride” products are created equally. If you are searching for the perfect gift for your LGBTQ friends, or if [...] read more

Avoid the drop with a US Military-Grade Tactical Soap Pouch

by Coastal Gifts Inc

Admit it, you’ve had it happen. You’re standing in the shower and cruising along when your bar of soap suddenly hits a dry patch and slips out of your hand in a slow-motion freefall. While there are plenty of jokes about this very situation happening in less comfortable settings, it’s also a huge inconvenience to bend down and retrieve [...] read more

Wonder Why You Should Use Dye-Free Hand Wash

by Coastal Gifts Inc

Most hand wash products are dyed some attractive color. This looks nice but may be more harmful than you think. At Coastal Gifts, Inc., we believe in offering only the best products that will enrich your life. For hand washes, we provide a dye-free alternative so that you can enjoy a simpler and more natural experience. What Do Dyes Do? Synthetic [...] read more