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Soaks + Bubble Bombs

Coastal Gifts Inc is a company that offers bath bombs and soaks for the whole family. These products are handmade in the USA and offer a variety of different scents with many to choose from. You can find soaks, bubble bombs, bath fizzies, bath salts at Diamonds of the Sea!

There are many ways to make bath time feel like a spa treatment. One way is by using products that create luxurious bubbles and aromatherapy while relaxing the body and soul. Soak up the relaxation with a variety of bath soaks and bubble bombs, handmade in the USA for the whole family.

Looking for a way to unwind after a long day? Diamonds of the Sea has you covered with this selection of soaks and bubble bath bombs. These soaks are made using natural ingredients, including essential oils for aromatherapy benefits. If it's not bath time yet, keep one of these bubble bath bombs on-hand for a night cap.

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