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Zucker Feather


Chandelle Rainbow Feather Boa Sectional

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Chandelle Rainbow Feather Boa Sectional is heavy weight and fluffy, made from small turkey feathers called flats. Use this heavyweight chandelle feather boa with rainbow sectional colors measuring 2 Yards (6ft) long, and approximately 7.5" in diameter. This heavyweight boa is the fullest and most luxurious of the chandelle boas. Sectional boas are sewn together in the color sections to create a banner, or color theme impression. Chandelle boas can be cut without unraveling as feathers are sewn on a cotton cord. Costume Headdresses Are Used For Carnival, Halloween, Party Favors, Special Events, Home Décor, Cultural Dance Performances and more.

  • Measures: 7.5" DIA X 2YDS (HEAVY WEIGHT)