Did you know that there are still seventy-four countries out there where being gay is a crime? Yes, and many others punish people for being gay such as bullying, loss of employment, and much more. That is why each of us needs to take part in gay pride more than ever now. Every voice matters, and each of us can collectively create change for the better. We love gay pride, and we can't stress the importance of everyone to march for people that can't. Here are the top 3 Reasons I Love Gay Pride, and you should too.

Feeling Of Community

In the digital age, we have become more isolated than ever. Many of us only stay in touch through digital means, and we have forgotten the feeling of community. Gay pride is one of the best ways to get in touch with this feeling to be more inclusive of other people.

When everyone comes together as one, we forget all our differences, and all that remains is love. We need more love in these times, and gay pride is the best place to show your love for other people. During these events, everyone is together, and no one is better than the other.

You feel connected to your community, and it motivates you to support them and do more. You will not get this overwhelming feeling of community and family anywhere else.

Education And Awareness

Another reason we love gay pride is that we get to learn so much about what is happening in our regions with other people. You get to understand that not everyone has the same privilege as you, and there are people out there facing injustices every day. Despite these problems, they choose to be on the side of love.

If you want to learn what is happening in your city and make a difference, you should be part of gay pride. You will get to talk to many people, create new connections, and educate yourself about their journey and struggles. You can then use your voice to create change and offer support.


The electric atmosphere during gay pride can’t be found anywhere else. The frequency is so high that you can feel the electricity and energy. It will motivate you to fight for change and support people whose voices go unheard in many parts of the world daily.

Once you have been a part of this experience, you will be motivated and inspired to do better things for the people around you. It will give you the energy and the zest to create long-term change beneficial for your entire community in the long run.

Final Words

These are the top 3 Reasons I Love Gay Pride and why we go every year. If you are serious about helping people around you, start here and learn more about people's struggles in your area. It will help you expand your perception and give you the drive to make a positive impact.