Rainbow Feather Wig

Rainbow Feather Wig

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Multi-color Rainbow Headdress

Zucker Feathers handmade Rainbow Feather Wig is made from Hackle Rooster feathers (from the cape on Roosters' necks). Hackle feathers are narrow and pointed. They have been glued onto a breathable polyester blend cap. The cap has elastic around the edge so that it can be stretched and comfortable to wear. One size fits most.

The hackle feathers have an iridescent shine which makes the colors we dye very bright and vivid. This is a multi-colored wig which is a mixture of 2-6 colors. This wig is a GREAT accessory, from a roaring 20's costume to decorating a mannequin. With the variety of colors it can be fun or fashionable!

SUGGESTED USES: Carnival, Costuming, Gay Pride Festival, Display, Fashion Accessories, Millinery and Photography.