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  1. December Diamonds Mermen

    So Many Men, So Little Time!

  2. December Diamonds Mermaids

    Girls Just Want To Have Fun

  3. Kissing Fish Ornaments

    Something for everyone on your list

  4. Toad Hollow Collection

    Made from poly-resin, which make them durable and long lasting

  5. Bourbon Street Collection

    Definitely ready to celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans beads and all


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December Diamonds Aquatic Christmas Ornaments

December Diamonds Ornaments offer various sorts of aquatic Christmas ornaments, including the mermaid ornaments and merman ornaments collection. Some of the other unique hand made ornaments we offer include Diamonds of the Sea ornament collection, and others from the norm, to the very fun and campy rainbow collection. You will fall in love with the whole collection of December Diamonds Christmas Ornaments. Retiring ornaments give you an incentive to purchase those last two or three ornaments you've been waffling over all year before its too late. Fridge Magnets are a diverse collection of Mermaids, Mermen, and other characters that make great stocking stuffer or Christmas ornaments gifts.

Unique ornaments from under the sea

It’s your Christmas, so you might as well make it fun. Living on the coast makes aquatic Christmas ornaments a natural and interesting choice for extra additions to your traditional holiday décor. From sea creatures and various fish to Mermaid Christmas ornaments from December Diamonds, you can bring the wonder of the ocean on the inside, and add a little warmth to the Christmas in your home.

Christmas can be wonderful in any place, and people all over the world are making changes to the traditional ideas of how the holidays should be in order to accommodate the climate, culture, and quirks of their immediate lives. By buying things such as December Diamonds Merman Gay Christmas Ornaments, the two ideas of tradition and modern reality collide in a witty and interesting way that can be hung on your palm tree for the Holidays or all year long.

You can make your whole house fall under an “aquatic Christmas” theme. From Aquatic ornaments to magnets, to almost anything else you can think of, you can create a fantastic atmosphere that is unique from anywhere else. Thinking of throwing a holiday party? Why not throw in some Toad Hollow Toad Figurines to the plans, and wow all of your guests with your creativity and mixture of traditional and more modern tradition. You’ll find that the experience will be a memorable one.

We sell only the highest quality products from December Diamonds, the most recognized name in unique Christmas Ornaments in the industry. This respected manufacturer uses quality in the production of their hand made, hand painted and glittered mermaid, merman, and an assortment of fish ornaments. That uncompromising commitment to quality has resulted in long-lasting, high-performing Christmas Ornaments that enhance the Holiday Shopping experience. With online shopping at Diamonds Of The Sea there is no need to take on the pain of walking down to the market and browsing from shop to shop for one gift item.