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Shootin' Craps Toilet Elixir

Introducing Turdcules Shootin' Craps Toilet Elixir. Ridin' like the wind with a bellyful of beans is a sure-fire way to drive a stampede of sewer steers south toward your lone-star. Tame those beastly butt-bovines with the scent of blazin' bonfires and bourbon before ridin' into the sunset of the porcelain prairie. Don't Gamble on Noxious Naturals.

  • Shootin' Craps Toilet Elixir
  • Smells Like Hot Streaks & Free Drinks
  • Really Smells Like Palm Trees & Caribbean Rum
  • Perfect for RVs and Marine toilets
  • 100+ Uses Per Bottle
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • 2 FL/OZ Bottle