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Beach Rinse


Mesa Lane Beach Rinse

Did you know tangerines thrive on the south and central coast of California? Orchards are everywhere, and every so often you may catch a salty citrus breeze if you're lucky at Mesa Lane Beach. This Mesa Lane Beach Rinse is an ode to both local Santa Barbara culture (Mesa Lane Steps is a locally loved beach), and this captures the aroma of the local atmosphere. Happy to take you there in spirit with this one! Mesa Lane Beach Rinse is a serious pick me up, really fresh & energizing, and totally gets you pumped for the day. You can use Beach Rinse in multiple ways: soaking in it, scrubbing with it, or rinsing your hair with it. We prefer all of the above for a fully submersive experience. When you use it in a steamy shower, you'll walk out feeling like you just paddled out, or spent some quality time swimming around in the shore break.

The ocean is full of good stuff, and that's what we've got here, the ocean in a bottle. We did it, we bottled the ocean. Your skin will thank you, and you're welcome.

  • Scent: Papaya & Tangerine
  • Best to keep jars out of sunlight
  • Soak, Scrub, or Rinse for your Hair, Body, or Bath
  • Made in United States of America
  • 3.4 FL OZ

Contains: Sea Salt, Organic Carica Papaya, Organic Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides (Coconut MTC) Oil, Organic Citrus Reticulata (Tangerine) Oil, Organic Citrus Simensis (Sweet Orange) Oil

Hair- In shower, shampoo, lightly condition, & wet brush if desired. Outside of the water stream pour generous amount into palm and massage into ends, avoiding roots. Quickly rinse just enough to melt the salt. Leave in hair and towel dry/scrunch/tease for beachy texture. Do not blow dry. Hair will be silky & crispy, like you walked right out of the ocean. Better than any sea salt spray we've ever tried (and we've tried a lot). Pro tip: Refresh the next day by spraying & scrunching hair with warm salt water. Body and Face- We like to use Beach Rinse in place of body wash, and even face wash. Just massage generous amount into skin, and face if desired to exfoliate & moisturize. Salt can tingle, so avoid sensitive areas & the eyes. Enjoy your salty smooth skin. Bath- Pour generous amount into tub & soak in your faux ocean. (an oily residue can be left behind when soaking. So we recommend a quick wipe down of your tub to avoid grime.)