Farti Gras Toilet Elixir



  • Introducing Turdcules Farti Gras Toilet Elixir. Farti Gras Toilet Elixir - to celebrate Fart Tuesday; shake well, spray in bowl & FIRE in the hole! Unlike other toilet deodorizers, Farti Gras Toilet Elixir doesn't cover up the smell, we eliminate at it on a molecular level by bonding to the nitrogen and sulfur molecules that make your poop stink!
    • Smells Like Hand Grenades & Hell Yeahs..
    • Really Smells Like Teak Wood and Pirate Rum
    • Perfect for RVs and Marine toilets
    • 100+ Uses Per Bottle
    • Made in 'Merica | Cookeville, TN USA
    • 2 FL/OZ Bottle
  • Warning: DO NOT eat, drink, inject, gargle, "shots, shots, shots," throw, spray in eyes or any other dumb stuff. Spray it into your toilet.

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