Farti Gras Toilet Elixir


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Do you suffer from terrible gas? Do you hate the smell of your own ass? Do you want to revel in the misery of your fellow humanoids? Then this is the product for you! Farti Gras Toilet Elixir is a unique and innovative toilet deodorizer that uses science to remove bad smells from your poo.

Simply shake well, spray in the bowl and fire away! Unlike other toilet deodorizers, Farti Gras Toilet Elixir doesn't cover up the smell, we eliminate it on a molecular level by bonding to the nitrogen and sulfur molecules that make your poop stink! So rejoice in the stench of others with this helpful product

  • Smells Like Hand Grenades & Hell Yeahs..
  • Really Smells Like Teak Wood and Pirate Rum
  • Perfect for RVs and Marine toilets
  • 100+ Uses Per Bottle
  • Made in 'Merica | Cookeville, TN USA
  • 2 FL/OZ Bottle

Warning: DO NOT eat, drink, inject, gargle, "shots, shots, shots," throw, spray in eyes or any other dumb stuff. Spray it into your toilet.