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Natural Bars

The whole world is going green. Are you on board? Here at Coastal Gifts inc, you have the great opportunity to experience the luxury of San Francisco Soap Company natural bath soap bars, adding them to your list of favorite natural “green” things.

Natural bath soap bars are made from natural ingredients that lend their unique, healing qualities to every wash. Some examples of ingredients that can be found in these bath soap bars are: jojoba oil, olive oil, shea, and hydrolyzed milk protein. Each of these ingredients will offer deep conditioning and refreshment to any type of skin. The fresh and beautiful fragrances that will gently rise from the lather of these natural bath soap bars will also do much to relax you – they’ll even invigorate your senses! This San Francisco Soap Company green bath soap is such a beautiful and smart addition to any lifestyle. Not to mention, these natural bath soap bars will fit perfectly into your budget. Who said going green had to be expensive? Not us!