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  • Teacher Toad Figurine Quick view

    GSI Home Styles

    Teacher Toad

    Teacher Toad provides education to all the little toads in Toad Hollow. Teacher's roles vary from culture to culture. Measures Approx: 5 inches

    $14.95 $16.50
  • Toad Baseball Player Quick view

    GSI Home Styles

    Toad Baseball Player

    Toad Baseball Player loves to play in the Toad Hollow Major Leagues. Dressed in a white baseball uniform with Toad Hollow #1 on the back. Measures Approx: 5 inches

    $14.95 $16.50
  • Trout Rainbow Windsock Quick view

    In The Breeze

    Trout Rainbow Windsock

    Add a splash of color and aquatic fun with this whimsical 3D windsock. Rainbow Trout Windsock playfully swims through the air as if it were on the open sea. Made of fade resistant polyester, they're sure to last and brighten up any outdoor setting. Size...

    $17.99 $19.78
  • Twistair Rainbow Windsock Quick view

    In The Breeze

    Twistair Rainbow Windsock

    Fun, unique, and beautiful! These Rainbow Twistair Windsocks make a delightful addition to any garden decor. The twisted curls give this windsock an airy feeling and will let the breeze blow through them. Durable weather and fade resistant polyester...

    $16.99 $18.68