Zucker Feather

Feather products have the most exquisite luxurious appeal. Operational since 1872, Zucker Feather takes pride in being the leading manufacturer and supplier for a range of different feather products. Not only does the company create unique feather supplies of their own, but they also cater to costume and couture in the high-end fashion industry.

The reason why Zucker Feather has remained popular over the course of centuries is their unmatched quality, pricing, and customer service. Each customer is able to find exactly what they are looking for at Zucker Feather as the company keeps updating all of its product ranges in order to suit the current trends of the season.

The various kinds of feathers that you can find at Zucker Feathers include peacock feathers, ostrich feathers, rooster feathers, duck feathers, and even guinea feathers. Each of these are arranged in luxurious ways to appeal to the fashion industry, regardless of whether that’s for jewelry design or for bridal accessories.

If you are looking for a unique product for yourself or to gift a loved one, the diverse collection from Zucker Feather is likely to impress you. Their current product range consists of feather boas, feather winks, fans and staves, floral stems and picks, feather fashion including clothing and various types of feather accessories such as mohawks and headdresses. The company also has an impressive range of wigs that are manufactured using original feathers.

Apart from fashion, Zucker Feathers also has products for home décor, holiday decoration, feather kits, and hat feathers that can be used for many different purposes.