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Pooseidon Toilet Elixir


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Thanks to Turdcules' Pooseidon Toilet Elixir, you'll be able to use the toilet with the confidence and power of an Olympian. With the sweet smells of sunken wooden ships and tropical rum tempting your nose-buds. You'll be able to relax and confidently take care of business in one swift motion.

Poseidon is known for his powerful ocean skills and even he couldn't calm the seas enough to save a drunken sailor or cursed ship. But with our product's help, you'll be able to use the toilet like a pro! Order your Pooseidon Toilet Elixir today!

  • Smells Like Sunken Ships & Drunken Sailors
  • Really Smells Like Teak Wood & Pirate Rum
  • Perfect for RVs and Marine toilets
  • 100+ Uses Per Bottle
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • 2 FL/OZ Bottle

Warning: DO NOT eat, drink, inject, gargle, "shots, shots, shots," throw, spray in eyes or any other dumb stuff. Spray it into your toilet.