The bathroom can be an unsettling environment for most people. Whether that’s due to the foul smell coming from the toilet, or the faded scent of the crushed flowers beside the sink – there is certainly a need for some strong toilet elixirs.

The team behind Turdcules caters to that need specifically. Not everybody wants their washroom to smell of lavender and sea waves, and Turdcules understands that. The team behind this unique company created a range of unique scents that appeal to male and female customers alike. While they only began Turdcules by mixing some fragrances in their own garage, the company has now expanded to an international level and developed seven unique blends of toilet elixirs.

The most unique part about Turdcules is their extraordinary product names. Once you read the names of the toilet elixirs, you are more than likely to be intrigued to know what they actually smell like. Their latest product range consists of 10 Gallon Shat, Woo Pig Pooie, Shootin Craps, Turdally Awesome, Somethin Brewing, Tennessee Hangover, Turdpedo, LogSplitter, Pooseidon, and Sasquat.

If these names are beginning to worry or excite you, Turdcules assures that all of their toilet elixirs are developed using witch hazel, water, and a unique fragrance plus essential oil blend. The fragrances include campfires, Caribbean rum, coffee bean, mint, palm trees, pine, rum, and more.

All of their products are manufactured using natural and high-quality products, ensuring that the new manly scent in your washroom lasts much longer than those crushed up flowers. If you want to give a unique gift to your friends and family, Turdcules toilet elixirs can be the perfect choice.