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HopCity Soaps

Since it emerged that if you combine the world of beer and soaps, you get HopCity Soap. The company established in 2017 combines the popularity of microbrew beers with the need for personal hygiene. By making an innovative range of soaps. The more we use HopCity Soaps, the more your skin will stay hydrated and moisturized. They use beer as the primary ingredient for each soap that they make. Because it contains amino acids and polyphenols, which serve as a healthy cleansing agent for your skin.

If you are concerned about using soap bars. It is important to know that these bars have a unique formulation of beer and essential oils. This produces a refreshing aroma. The most popular soaps from the HopCity Soaps product lineup include the Cedarwood Lime x MBW Mr. Plywood Pilsner soap, Sandalwood Patchouli x Breakside True Gold Ale, and Activated Charcoal Anise x Deschutes Obsidian Stout. Customers can look for these items because the product name contains the essential oil and aroma being used as well as the craft beer incorporated.


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