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We love all the new items coming soon from December Diamonds Christmas Ornaments this year. We have added the New 2023 December Diamonds Christmas Ornaments to our coming soon page. Which includes Green Tail Mermaid With Pearl, Blue Dolphin With Cap, Pink Octopus With Cap, Norwhale With Star, Pink Tail Mermaid With Pearl, Blue Tail Mermaid Girl, Green Turtle With Cap, Pelican With Gifts, Santa Merman Making Heart Sign, Santa Merman in Flamingo Float, Santa Merman With Shell, Snowman on Snowboard, Pink Tail Mermaid.

No matter what time of year it is, we always love to add new items to the collection. Here we like to focus on all the new items coming soon to our website. Once they are available online they will be only available in the categories in which they reside. We are always adding new items along with the yearly release of December Diamonds Christmas Ornaments. We hope you enjoy the sneak peak and we look forward to bringing you new and exciting items soon.


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