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Body Mist

For a scented body mist that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed, trust San Francisco Soap Company. All of its fragrances are made in the USA with high-quality ingredients. The body mists are light and delicate, offered in both floral and fruity notes to suit whatever mood you are in.

The scents last for hours with just a couple sprays, so throughout the day you carry beautiful aromas with you. At 6.5 fluid ounces, the bottles are discreet enough to be carried in your purse or bag for a rejuvenating burst whenever you need it.

San Francisco Soap Company Cherry Blossom Body Mist $6.80 USD $7.99 USD
San Francisco Soap Company Gardenia Bouquet Body Mist $6.80 USD $7.99 USD
San Francisco Soap Company Lavender Body Mist $6.80 USD $7.99 USD