Beach Rinse

Do you love the way the ocean makes you feel? ...the salt on your skin? The kelp at your feet? The musky breeze? Well we essentially bottled that for you. It leaves you feeling like you just walked out of the ocean! Beach Rinse is a soak, scrub, and rinse for your hair, body, and bath. It's made using only 100% natural and organic ingredients.

No, it's not sand, it's a combo of the very things we love about the ocean... salt, kelp, and oils. This brings that love for the ocean right into your home! You'll feel like you just paddled out, or played in the shore break, or went for a drive down the coast. You'll catch a smell of yourself later in the day like you drove up the coast with your windows down. It leaves you feeling like that all day. I'm a landlocked California native, and this takes me home.

The ocean is full of good stuff, and that's what we've got here, the ocean in a bottle. We did it, we bottled the ocean. Your skin will thank you for u,ing Beach Rinse.