101 West

101 West, a small town family owned business with deep roots in Indiana. Growing up at their home surrounded by the sweetness of the countryside. Also love for antiques and primitive country farmhouse décor. Candles have always been a staple in their home. The scent and ambience of a candle in the home is just one of their most favorite things. Before 101 West was launched, creator and owner J. Miller began launching her home décor store around 2001.

As part of this journey and working with many vendors to bring unique home décor to her online market. The search was on to find the perfect candle fit. Through the journey of searching for the right candle the passion grew to create her own candle line. The start was very small. Little batches of candles made nightly in their small kitchen in a presto pot. 101 West following was quick with their customers buying through the online store, pop-up shops/booths and craft fair/events which led to many stores across the US and Canada seeking her candles for their stores.