Chandelle Multi-Color Boa

Chandelle Multi-Color Boa

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Heavyweight Multi-Color Rainbow

Zucker Feather heavyweight rainbow multi-color chandelle boa is 2 yards (6 ft) long, and approximately 7.5" in diameter. These fluffy boas are made from small turkey feathers called flats. This heavyweight boa is the fullest and most luxurious of the Chandelle Boas. Offered at an excellent price making the heavyweight chandelle boa the "Best Bang For Your Buck Boa"!

Multi-colored boas are a combination of 2-6 colors of feathers that are sewn together to make a fun boa that stands out. Chandelle boas can be cut without unraveling as feathers are sewn onto a cotton cord.

SUGGESTED USES: Costuming, Decorating, Gay Pride Parades, Fashion Accessories, Stage and Theater