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    Lavender Linen Spray Quick view

    San Francisco Soap Company

    Lavender Linen Spray

    Crisp and Refreshing San Francisco Lavender Linen Spray reminds you of Purple lavender blossoms that dot the French countryside like the brushstrokes of the finest Impressionist painters as they try to capture the dazzling effects of sunlight in Avignon...

    $7.99 $9.00
  • Duke Cannon Leaf and Leather Soap Bar Lean Quick view

    Duke Cannon

    Leaf and Leather Soap

    Duke Cannon would rather explore the Great Plains on horseback than navigate the parking lot of an outlet mall in a compact car. It's in the Great Wide Open, about 1000 miles from the nearest food court, where a light breeze carries the scent of old...

    $8.99 $9.90
  • December Diamonds Leather Bear Christmas Ornament Front Quick view

    December Diamonds

    Leather Bear

    Leather Bear Christmas Ornament from December Diamonds Poke the Bear Collection is a whimsy fun burly bear man that has a red and black leather harness, arm bands, wrist band, jock strap and black boots. Can I shine your boots sir? Each ornament is...

    $30.00 $33.00
  • Leather Pride Plush Bear Quick view

    PHS International

    Leather Bear Plush

    Pride Pals Leather Bear Plush is wearing his leather flag hat, leather vest and armband. He also is sporting some handcuffs on his ear, guess we know what he is into. Measures: Approx. 10 inches tall

    $7.99 $8.78