Wonder Why You Should Use Dye-Free Hand Wash

by Wayne Morse

Most hand wash products are dyed some attractive color. This looks nice but may be more harmful than you think. At Coastal Gifts, Inc., we believe in offering only the best products that will enrich your life. For hand washes, we provide a dye-free alternative so that you can enjoy a simpler and more natural experience.

What Do Dyes Do?

Synthetic dyes in beauty products serve one purpose: to make the product look nice. They offer no functional benefits. Given that you will use your hand wash regularly, ingredients that simply change the look may be doing more harm than good.

What Are the Risks of Dyes?

Many dyes used in hand washes can irritate your skin and cause other topical damage. While this is rarely significant for a single use, keep in mind that you likely wash your hands many times each day. Some people are also allergic to certain common dyes. Additionally, many are less-than-ideal for the environment. In short, these drawbacks are not worth the minor aesthetic benefits.

High-Quality Dye-Free Hand Wash

Try a dye-free hand wash from San Francisco Soap Company. These lovely hand washes use simple ingredients and no synthetic dyes to offer a rich, effective and more natural hand washing experience. Order Yours Today.