When was the last time you changed the soap you use on your body? If it’s been a while, know that your skin could be crying out for something new, something that’s more effective. Coastal Gifts Inc. offers a full line of moisturizing body wash from San Francisco Soap Company. If you’ve never used a body wash before, your skin is sure to thank you when you start.

A Difference You Can Feel

Some bar soaps can do your skin more harm than good. Specifically, low-quality soaps can leave a grimy residue on your skin that can lead to irritation. The great thing about switching to a moisturizing body wash is that you can give your skin the moisture it needs to look and feel its best and healthiest.

A few of the many different body wash scents we offer include:

Boost the Effects of Your Current Beauty Routine

Another reason to look into changing your soap is to get the most out of any other skin care products you use. The reason we say this is that when there are impurities on your skin, they can keep your soap, body lotion and creams from fully absorbing into and penetrating your skin. The right body wash can open up your skin and unleash its full potential.

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