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Find the Perfect Fragrance To Make Your House Smell Like Home

by Wayne Morse February 11, 2020

Scent is one of the strongest senses tied to memories, which is why perfect fragrance is such an important part of creating your ideal living space...

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Wonder Why You Should Use Dye-Free Hand Wash

by Coastal Gifts Inc August 13, 2019

Most hand wash products are dyed some attractive color. This looks nice but may be more harmful than you think. At Coastal Gifts, Inc., we believe in offering only the best products that will enrich your life. For hand washes, we provide a dye-free alternative so that you can enjoy a simpler and more natural experience. What Do Dyes Do? Synthetic [...]

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Learn the importance of using Rejuvenating Foot Care Kits

by Coastal Gifts Inc March 05, 2019

No matter what kind of job you have or the lifestyle you lead, everyone needs to pamper and take proper care of their feet. Here at Coastal Gifts Inc., we offer rejuvenating foot care kits that strip the wear and tear off your feet with help from the pros at San Francisco Soap Company. See and [...]

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Find Your Next Favorite Scented Body Mist

by Coastal Gifts Inc January 10, 2019

Think of your scent like tracing your personal signature in the air. But unlike a written signature, your scent signature is revealed only to those in close physical proximity to you. Coastal Gifts Inc. is here to help you find the perfect scented body mist from San Francisco Soap Company. Several Scents to Fit Your Personality You’ll find plenty of body [...]

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The Perfect Moisturizing Body Wash

by Coastal Gifts Inc December 27, 2018

When was the last time you changed the soap you use on your body? If it’s been a while, know that your skin could be crying out for something new, something that’s more effective. Coastal Gifts Inc. offers a full line of moisturizing body wash from San Francisco Soap Company. If you’ve never used a body wash before, your [...]

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San Francisco Bath Body Care Products

by Coastal Gifts Inc November 07, 2016

When it comes to bath body care products, there is a whole lineup of options as long as your neighborhood street, with prices, quality, guarantees, and brand names as varied as you can imagine. While some people might consider one variety to be the very best of the lot, you have to remember that every [...]

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