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Plant Based Moisturizing Body Soap

You do not need to be a practicing vegan to appreciate the benefits of using a  plant-based moisturizing body soap. In addition to enjoying clean, soft skin, using natural soaps can make a positive impact on the environment. Look at these three reasons for choosing plant-based cleansers.

1. Cruelty-Free Testing

Since there is typically no animal testing done on vegetable and plant-based soaps, you are not supporting the use of innocent animals in product development. To avoid all animal by-products, read the label to be sure that milk, honey and lard from animal fat are not used during production.

2. Environmental Impact

Particularly with vegan soaps, the plants used to formulate the soap are grown without using chemicals or pesticides. These types of non-natural substances can pollute the soil, water and air. Look at the ingredients listed on the soap to confirm there are no synthetic ingredients present.

3. Quality Production

The sale of plant-based soaps is often aimed at people who value high quality. While some ingredients and production methods may cause the price to be higher than mass-produced soaps, the natural, gently-hydrating lather can be worth the added expense.

Wash the stress of the day away while caring for the environment. Make  plant-based moisturizing body soap choices to help limit the toxins you put on your body and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.