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What is Offensively Large Lip Balm

Offensively Large Lip Balm


What is Offensively Large Lip Balm? Life can be easy inside a climate-controlled building, but the great outdoors provides a constant onslaught by sun, wind, dust and the rest of Mother Nature’s heaviest hitters. You can wear appropriate clothing and lather on sunscreen to weather the abuse, but what are you doing to keep your lips soft? You could try carrying one of those smaller balms designed for everyday use, but they can’t stand up to the wild. When you’re ready to get serious about lip protection, it’s time to pick up this offensively large tube of lip balm.

Tame the Environment

The professionals at Duke Cannon design products with America’s fighting men and women in mind, and this lip balm has been tested in the field by active-duty military personnel. While your standard balms offer a paltry SPF 15 protection, Cannon Balm bumps it up to SPF 30 so your lips don’t get sunburned. You also don’t need to worry about it wearing off due to heat because it’s rated to withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees. With a robust size four times that of standard balms and a pleasant blood orange and mint flavor, this balm deserves a place in your hiking backpack.

Before you head out on the trail, make sure you have this offensively large lip balm in your pocket. To learn more about this and any of our other products, contact us online today.

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