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Take on a Shower Beer | Coastal Gifts Inc

Take on Shower Beer


Take on Shower Beer

There is something uniquely refreshing about enjoying a beer or other adult beverage in the shower or bath. Duke Cannon decided to take this idea in a novel direction: beer soap. This unique product is not only a fun idea, but it also provides many great health benefits.

Old Milwaukee Beer Soap Benefits

The Duke Cannon beer soap made with The Great American Beer Soap Bar lathers well, gets you clean and smells great. Surprisingly, it doesn’t smell of beer. Instead, it has a sandalwood scent. You are washing to get clean and smell nice; Duke Cannon delivers on these two needs very well.

Beer soap is also a surprisingly good moisturizer. The hops have a skin-softening amino acid that can soothe your skin. The yeast is also antibacterial, furthering the soap’s cleaning power. Beer in soap is even reported to help fight acne.

Top-Quality Soap

Duke Cannon’s beer soap is much more than just a novelty soap. It is an excellently-made product.

  • Triple-milled
  • Attractive, sandalwood scent
  • Larger than most soap bars
  • Made in the USA

Get Your Budweiser Beer Big Ass Soap Bar Today

Grab a bar of Duke Cannon’s The Great American Beer Soap today. Also, check out Coastal Gifts, Inc.’s other high-quality health, home and other products. Everything is made to the highest standards of quality. Find something special for yourself or a loved one today.

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