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Big Bourbon Beard Oil Softens the Hardest Beards

Big Bourbon Beard Oil Softens the Hardest Beards

Posted By Wayne Morse on

Does Big Bourbon Beard Oil Softens the Hardest Beards? Your beard grows like nobody’s business, but it feels like a scouring pad. No longer do you have to feel like you’re slicing skin when you run your fingers through your beard. Instead, infuse your prickly facial hair with Big Bourbon Beard Oil. It’s designed to ease the roughness from your beard, massaging it into rugged softness.

Engage the Senses

Why have a soft beard if it doesn’t smell great? That’s why we’ve made our beard oil with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, which infuses your facial hair with a rich oak scent.

At Duke Cannon, we believe in using nothing but the finest of ingredients. That’s why we’ve formulated our beard oil with organic oils like argon, jojoba and apricot kernel. Together, they work into every strand of your beard to maximize softness and overall health.

Pair the Big Bourbon Beard Oil With Our Beard Balm

Take your beard health one step further by using the beard oil in conjunction with our beard balm. The balm moisturizes not only your beard, but also the skin underneath. When used with the beard oil, your facial hair will smell, look and feel its absolute best.

Get in Touch With Us

Learn more about our beard products. Contact us if you have any questions on how we can take great care of you and your beard.

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