Avoid the drop with a US Military-Grade Tactical Soap Pouch

by Wayne Morse

Admit it, you’ve had it happen. You’re standing in the shower and cruising along when your bar of soap suddenly hits a dry patch and slips out of your hand in a slow-motion free fall. While there are plenty of jokes about this very situation happening in less comfortable settings, it’s also a huge inconvenience to bend down and retrieve your bar in a cramped shower stall. Thanks to this US military-grade tactical soap pouch, you can finally say goodbye to this annoying problem.

Not Your Average Soap on a Rope

You’ve probably seen novelty soap on a rope products people hand out as gifts, but they aren’t very practical. Not only are you stuck with one type of bar, but it’s also only effective for a few showers before the rope detaches and you’re back to dropping it on the floor. The design team at Duke Cannon solved both of those problems by designing a machine-washable pouch that allows you to slip your favorite large bar inside. It features a coarse side for hands and feet, a softer side for more sensitive areas, and it’s made right here in the United States.

No matter if you’re heading off to camp, out on deployment or to a state-run facility for a mandated term, don’t leave home without this soap pouch. To learn more about it or any of our other products, use our online catalog today.