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Outdoor Décor Trends For Your Patio or Garden

Outdoor Décor Trends For Your Patio or Garden

Posted by Coastal Gifts Inc on Feb 17th 2018

Outdoor Decor - Patio Decor Trends

Trends in outdoor decor are changing. Gone are the days when patio decor was all about styled concrete and umbrella tables. Today’s decor acts as an extension of indoor design. A modern deck might include a throw rug, a couch or futon, side tables and a lamp. Outdoor space is as comfortable as indoor space. The new living room is the patio or deck.

Retro patio and garden decor is also in style. Rattan and wicker furniture is making a comeback, as well, but this time you will find it made-up in bright, airy colors. Also gaining popularity are vintage tchotchkes, like galvanized metal wall decorations, and charming garden knick knacks.